Linde Gas CryoservicesCryogenic Equipment & Storage Solutions

LifeGas Cryoservices is a leader in the supply of cryogenic products and services.  We offer a broad range of cryopreservation equipment and services to the scientific community for the freezing, long-term storage and distribution of biological materials.

Through relationships with Taylor-Wharton, Chart MVE, and other premier manufacturers of vacuum insulated products and cryogenic systems, LifeGas ensures availability of the latest in cryogenic storage systems.  LifeGas also supplies dry ice storage containers and various accessories such as Cryo gloves, face shields, dippers and inventory racks and canes for sample storage.

LifeGas Cryoservices offers preventive maintenance service for cryogenic storage systems that helps protect your vital repository and the assets stored.  Our factory trained technicians provide preventive maintenance on your cryogenic storage system. The maintenance performed adheres strictly to manufacturer specifications and yours.  This includes validating installation and operational qualifications (IQ/OQ) associated with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) recommended by the Food and Drug Administration for lab equipment.

LifeGas Cryoservices’ technicians are trained on a wide array of cryogenic storage systems made by top-name manufacturers across the industry. We provide confidence and continuity of service – starting with the installation of your system and through the course of its life.  Our technicians carefully log all maintenance performed on your storage system, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records. No guess work around when your cryogenic storage system was last serviced – what maintenance was performed. It’s all documented and accessible to you through the LifeGas Cryoservices maintenance program.

Virtually any organization tasked with storing cord blood, bone marrow, cell lines, blood and organs for transfusion and transplantation, and other biological materials should consider LifeGas Cryoservices.